So many political milestones!

So many political milestones!


NYT ChartCannabis and all things related to the marijuana plant are now all over the news. Even mainstream publications are starting to endorse legalization and decriminalization efforts by the States and Federal government. Here are some major highlights.


The New York Times has started an editorial series on cannabis with very favorable commentary. This is by far the most comprehensive review of the whole marijuana situation. There are editorials on; States, Criminal Justice, History, Health, Track Records and Regulation. NYT


The US House recently passed a bipartisan amendment to defund DEA efforts to make cannabis related arrests in States with medical or recreational marijuana laws. This has been the House’s first cannabis liberalization. The Senate, however, still needs to address it. MPP

Schedule 1 Status

The White House said that it will not oppose the rescheduling of cannabis from Schedule 1 (highly addictive with no medical use) to a lower schedule. The Schedule 1 status has been the single largest obstacle for professional researchers to validate cannabis benefits. TOT   A related opinion that goes deeper. Forbes


Just how big might this get? Here is an interesting overview covering the many business interests in cannabis and how fast it is changing. RS


Colorado initiated another major breakthrough for marijuana businesses. The State legislature approved the first credit union style financial cooperatives. These will give cannabis busnesses a place to safely deposit money, reducing robberies. TOT


The US House also passed a banking amendment that would begin to ease the strain of cash only State run marijuana programs. Not being able to use banks has been one of the largest blocks to larger businesses entering the marijuana market. IBT


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