Making Your Own Cannabis Products

Every thing you want to know about using marijuana.

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The main plant chemicals used medicinally and recreationally are not soluble in water, so a tea (water infusion) of cannabis will be very week. Boiling cannabis, however, can remove chlorophyll and improve the taste.  Oil or alcohol are most effective for extracting. Here is an article on the pros & cons of water & oil from the Cannabist

Here are a couple of videos on making your own cannabis products.

How to make Tinctures

 How to make Oils & Butters

For the keep it simple consumer ~ Here is a new all in one unit that makes tinctures, butters, oils etc.

Magical Butter










Decarboxylation time/temp guide. Link to more

If baking flowers/buds to decarb, some say that all you need to do is double wrap in foil and bake at 240deg until you smell the cannabis, from outside of the oven.

Decarbing 2

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